Aggieland Coffee was founded by three Aggies – Roberto Bendana ’90, Paul Marvin ’86, and Paul Rieger ’87. Coffee has a way of bringing people together, and we are no exception. Each of us has come from different business, personal and geographic backgrounds. Some of our stories are more remarkable than others. Suffice to say we all love the Aggieland Community and it’s the place we call home. We decided to devote something almost universally loved – coffee – to the unique spirit of our community.

Born in 2019, our coffee is roasted to perfection by expert roasters who have years of experience in roasting. Our beans are sourced and approved by Roberto, who we delightfully say is a “walking, talking Wikipedia of coffee”. Roberto brings a lifetime of experience in the coffee industry to our Aggieland brand. As a matter of fact he grew up on the beautiful family farms in the rainforests just outside of Matagalpa, Nicaragua from which we love to source our specialty beans. Therefore our business is directly tied to the farmers back home. That is why we proudly display “direct trade” on each bag we sell.

You may notice that each of our labels carry a familiar Aggieland Community name or icon, as well as some that are western themed. That’s because we are proud of the place we call home – both Texas – and Aggieland. This pride will always be reflected in the names of our coffee. Rest assured, much like the quality of life we have here, that quality will also be reflected in each bag of coffee or k cup we sell.


Roberto Bendana

Paul Marvin

Paul Rieger

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